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Did you know that every 3rd car in the world has dents?

Daily thousands of accidents and disasters happen causing serious or small dents оf the cars.

These cars need a "doctor" to return to their original appearance. Unfortunately there are many more cars with dents than skilled workmen that can fix them. .

Make yourself familiar with PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR technology (PDR)

PDR is a collection of techniques for removing dents without painting.

This repair technology allows to eliminate bumps on the car body in short time without repainting, provided that the paint has not been damaged.

The main advantages of this profession (PDR) are:

  • Fast - Restoration takes from 5 minutes to 1 day. Gain every day.
  • WOW efect - The clients are excited when they see the result.
  • Environmentally friendly - No contact with harmful chemicals
  • Profitable - The cost of the operations tends to zero with virtually no supplies.
  • Required - Not so many techniciansin this trade
  • Flexible - You have the possibility to work on call, at home or in the studio, or travel the world.
  • Interesting - Working is not boring, each dent is unique.
  • Develops logic- Working is not boring, each dent is unique.
  • Exclusiv - It is impossible to master the job without ambition and a qualitative training seminar, weak competition.
  • Active work - Benefic effect on health.
  • Communication - You can meet successful and interesting people.

How much can you earn?

Because the demand is much greater than the offer and the competition is very small, PDR craftsmen get good money. For example:

The working time to restore hail dent varies from 5 minutes to 1 hour
40-120 Euros (Europe, USA ...)

The repairing cost of a car struck by hail is from 300 to 10000 Euros The repair time varies from 1 day up to a week.


   Paintless Dent Removal Training

Having basic knowledge of the „Paintless Dent Repair“ technology and consolidating it with practical experience, you can start working at all places on Earth in a month after the end of the training, and you will reimburse your expenses in two weeks of work. It depends on your abilities and hard work.

 I offer you a new, improved system of studying the “Paintless Dent Repair” technology. The superiority of this method is that it reduces the period of learning at least twice.
It isn’t a shortened program, but an intensive and flexible one that includes special exercises and techniques, theory and practice. We will pass through many situations that at a real training cannot happen because of the short period of study.

My training is based on master techniques from the whole world. These techniques will enable you to make work easier, faster and more qualitative. The result of the progress is obvious from the first practice.
You will be able to remove dents that others couldn’t. My method aims at recognizing and eliminating the stress points in the right order of the key-zones on the dented panel. Your customers will get delighted with your work and they will pleasantly recommend you to others. 

And the last, but not the least, you will study individually, not in large groups. This will help you learn faster and to get an insight into all the subtleties of the repair without painting. The advantages of individual learning are indisputable.

Attention! Do NOT hurry to buy tools!

In most of the cases, this is just a loss of money. You will have the opportunity to work with tools of different companies and to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages on your own practice, to choose and buy the best instrument. Also, I will show and tell you how to create some exclusive models of instruments, which are known and used by only a limited number of people.

To become a professional in this field, I needed many years of practice, and to communicate everything in a short period of practice is a difficult task, but it is in my power. I know in advance what mistakes and questions meet my students after the end of the course; that is why we will discuss them before they appear.

The training will take place 10 days, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

After the training, you:

1. Will know all the possible ways to remove dents, what will make you an extra-specialist in this field.

2. Will be ready for individual work after a month of intensive practice.

3. Will reimburse your expenses for the course in several weeks of work.

4. Will learn a prestigious and profitable profession, required in all countries, you will be able to travel and earn money in regions were hail storm has passed.

5. Will gather knowledge of how to start your own business.

6. Will have the possibility to have me as your personal consultant after the course. I will keep you posted on all news in the PDR industry, tools and employment news without any charges.

PDR training program:

1. Work with various reflection types: reflectors boards, lines and stripes, artificial and natural fog , steep and smooth gradient, Led. The selection of the light, as well as tricks and subtleties of each individual type of reflection and techniques of working with them. Training of the eye.
2. Familiarization with instruments and accessories, use methods, traditional and nontraditional techniques and instrument methods. The creation of tools and accessories, exclusive tools.

3. A vast theoretical part that includes the knowledge of many schools all over the world:

  • American- PDR Paintless Dent Removal, Repair
  • German- DOL Dellen Ohne Lackieren - lackschadenfreies Ausbeulen Dellendoktor, Dellendrucker, Dellenmeister, Dellendoktor, Dellenkurs, Beulendoktor, Klebetechnik
  • Brasilian -Martelo Magico
  • Spanish -Martelinho de ouro
  • French -Debosselage sans peinture
  • Argentinian- sacabollos
  • Japanese-デントリペア
  • Swedish- Reparation av bucklor
  • Italian - levabolli - riparazione ammaccature senza verniciatura, riparazione auto grandinate
  • Greek- μικροεπισκευές χωρίς βαφή etc.
  • Polish- usuwanie wgnieceń 

4. Theory and practice of removing various dents, bulges, creases and other damages:

  • Sharp and usual dents, caused by hail
  • Big and small shallow dents
  • Deep and even creases dents
  • Dents on body lines
  • Dents on roundness
  • Dents under braces and in accesible places
  • Doubled and tripled dents
  • High spots and crouns
  • Big and complex dents
  • Dances on roof
  • Strached dents, etc.

5. Access to dents on different panels. Examining the ways of getting access to dents in various zones of the car.
Various ways of mounting and demounting various parts of the cars. Drilling.
6. Work with different parts of the car, particularities and tricks, hood, doors, bonnet, roof, side panels, bumpers etc.
7. Familiarization and practice with a unique instrument and devices for elimination of dents that push significantly forward the working process. 
Vacuum, progressive glue technique, electromagnetic, air and others …
8. Estimating dents according to time and money.
9. Practical advice for business development.
10. Analysis of modern automobile paint and metal features, the secrets of paint preservation.

Also, you will find out many techniques, methods, tools that you will need to obtain good results in your profession. 

At the end of the course you will have to take a practical examination and certification.


Training prices

 Study of PDR individual - Paintless Dent Repair (in Russian, Romanian and English) in Chisinau
From 10:00 to 18:00

• 10-day Programme – 2000 euro (all you need in PDR trade )

PDR skill, Polishing skill, Remove and Install skill, Marketing.

1 free day in the middle of the course (you will have the possibility to have a rest and to digest the new information). Lodging included.


• 4-day Programme – retraining or improvement – 1000e.
Lodging included.

(extra day – 150euro)


For more information contact us

 Crasulea Nicolae

 Moldova, Chişinău

viberwhatsapp telegram


     My name is Nicolay and I’ve been practising PDR for 9 years. In this short period of time I managed to decipher the secrets of working with metal thanks to the rich experience accumulated and transmitted to me by the best masters in the world.

My method of work and training is based on deep understanding of the sheet metal straightening process. Understanding the process deeply, everything becomes clear and logical. I use various exclusive methods which are not used in classical PDR tinsmith. Knowledge and understanding how and when to use different methods, accelerates considerably the quality and speed.

All this knowledge will help me make a successful master out of you, if you put effort and patience in it.

Best regards,

   These are some of my works:
More Works...
   The course and the trainings will take place in a box, set up according to the last technical tendencies. You will have the last news and inventions in this field at your disposal.
A few comments and my students’ works.
Hiroshi, Japan
   I have 15 years of experience in PDR and I am the manager of a PDR school in Japan. To improve my skills, I decided to attend this mini-course. Thanks to Nicolai’s knowledge and experience, I managed to get my results above my expectations. Nicolai is a true expert in this field and an excellent manager. I learned a lot from him. His training curriculum is wonderful and can be easily adapted for beginners and for experienced engineers in this area as well. I think he can solve the problems of all people who attend his training. I feel like I met a wonderful teacher that I will continue to keep in touch for a long time.
1st in PDR Championship
   Proud to announce that my student Maxim Babitsky became a winner of the international Pdr Championship of Extreme Dent Removal. He also get the highest rating in the category Extreme Dent and hail Dent repair.
Dmitrii, Russia
   Attending Nicolai’s courses, I gained new skills to observe and eliminate the dents on cars. So far I’ve dealt with car painting, but now I will go on practicing removing dents from cars without painting. During 10 days Nicolai sent me all the information about PDR in a professional way and easy to understand. All I learned was applied in practice even during this training. After a month of training and two months of work, I recovered all my training expenses. Nicolai is a very good specialist and a wonderful man. Definitely recommend training at PDR.MD!!!!
  Dmitrii , Israel

If you are not satisfied with information or results received after the first day of training,

do not pay a penny!


Do you want to study Paintless dent removal and you are looking for the best training?
Do you want to make good quality works fast?
Do you want to know how to save money at the initial stage?
Do you want to repair dents that your competitors cannot?
Do you want to know how to become a high-level master?
Do you want sincere answers to your questions, not marketing tricks?
Have you already attended a course, but you still cannot remove dents from cars?
Do you want to know where to buy best equipment and to use it correctly?
Do you want to know how to find your first clients?

-Then know that I am waiting for you!

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